We value time and communication, and that guides how we deliver our environmental consulting services. First, we offer these services concurrently with the other engineering services we provide. For example, preforming Phase I environmental due diligence paired with an engineering inspection, or seeking the presence of asbestos and lead in conjunction with the demolition of an existing building. We give our clients the opportunity to bring in one consultant who can do it all.

Even within a single project, other firms may have separate teams for Phase I and Phase II environmental inspections. Our engineers are cross-trained, licensed and accredited for multiple tasks within the discipline. If a concern carries over from Phase I to Phase II, your point of contact won’t change. The lines of communication are clear, which saves time and frustration.

Because we’re more than an environmental firm, we can bring together a multi-disciplinary team that can give equal weight to various engineering aspects of the project. We balance the demands on funding and resources across the project, while working to get over any environmental hurdles quickly and efficiently.